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Offshore Sailing School

Offshore Sailing School

anoixtis thalassis

Starting Dates 18/10/2020

  • New Courses for Offshore Sailing
  • Corfu Sailing Club
  • Registration and information: 26610 44383  6944357197


Our Club first operated an Offshore Sailing School in March 1976. As a branch of the Panhellenic Club of Offshore Sailing (POIATH) until 1998 it operated 22 schools while under the name Corfu Sailing Club it has operated 29 schools so far.
It has also operated a captains' school (for those who had 2,000 miles at sea), as well as 2 schools for sailboat racing.
The training lasts about 2 ½ months and students are obliged to attend the theory lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays at 19.00-21.00, as well as 2 practical classes per week (Monday -Friday) 15.30-18.00 on days of their choice or on Saturday 11.00-15.00
The students of the school should be adults, healthy for exercise and know how to swim. Any medical condition should be reported to the club.
In order to register, candidates should submit two passport photographs, a GP medical certificate, a photocopy of their identity card and the registration form completed to the secretariat.
The courses of our Club are held every year from October to December and from January to April. At the end of each course, students go through exams on practical and theoretical lessons, while they also go on a 2-day educational trip.
There are special prices for the attendance of our school for teachers and students.
During the summer months our Club organizes an Offshore Sailing course at sea every week. Students travel in the Ionian Sea with an instructor for a week and at the end of the course they take written exams.

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