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Notice of Race

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  • Race Name: 32nd International Ionian Sailing Week
  • Start Date: Friday, 29 July 2022
  • Finish Date: Saturday, 06 August 2022
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«32nd International Ionian Sailing Week»

ORCi, ORC Club, ORC Non-Spinnaker, ORC Sport Boats

                              July 29th – August 6th 2022


The Corfu Sailing Club (IOKERC), the Sailing Club of Preveza, the Sailing Club of  Mesologhi and the Sailing Club of Astakos organize, from Saturday July 29th to Saturday August 6th 2022 the “32nd International Ionian Sailing Week” for boats measured under ORC International, ORC Club, ORC Club Non Spinnaker , ORC Sport Boats as well as Non Measured Cruisers. The races of the regatta will be held in the waters of Ionian Sea. 

The notation ”[DP]” in a rule in the text of the NoR means that the penalty for breaking this  Rule can less than DSQ. 

The notation “[NP]” in a Rule means that the boat cannot file a protest against another boat  for breaking this Rule, amending RRs 60.1(a). 

The notation “NoR” means Notice of Race and the notation “SI” means Sailing Instructions 


The event will be governed by: 

1.1. WS Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2021 – 2024 

1.2. WS Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) 2021-2024 

1.3. WS Offshore Special Regulations 2022– 2023. The Event is classified in Category 4. It  is mandatory to have a VHF on board supporting VHF channels 69, 71,72, 74 and 77 in  addition to the compulsory ones. 

1.4. IMS Rule 2022 

1.5. ORC Rating 2022 

1.6. The International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea is in effect as amended until  today and replace the Part 2 Right of Way Rules of the RRS from sunset to dawn. 1.7. Regulations of Hellenic Offshore Committee 2022 

1.8. 2022 Prescriptions of the Hellenic Sailing Federation 

1.9. The present Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions, and their amendments. In case of  contradiction, the Sailing Instructions shall prevail (Rule 63.7) 

1.10. Where there is a conflict between languages, the Greek text of all documents shall  prevail. 

1.11 Covid-19 

(a) The COVID-19 Protocols and Directives may be issued at any time and shall state  whether a rule is in force. 

(b) All participants in the race must be aware of all the protocols concerning COVID-19 that  have been issued by the Greek Government, the Sports Authorities and / or the Organizing  Authority and must comply with them throughout of the event. These instructions or links to  them will be posted on the event website. Any non-compliance with the relevant Protocols  will be a reason for non-participation or expulsion from the race. 

(c) All participants in the race are responsible for the full understanding and compliance  with all travel restrictions related to travel to and / or from the venue. 

(d) Before boarding the boat, the participants must declare clearly to the other members of  the team that they do not present themselves and no one in their social environment with  FLU SYMPTOMS (cough, sniffle, fever), and upon demand they have to present their health  cards. The captain-in-command keeps the no-symptoms statements when entering the  facility (Incoming-Outgoing the venue), which the participant submits to the Secretariat of  the race, if requested and checks the validity of the health cards. Failure to comply with this  provision constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct and as such is adjudicated by the Protest  Committee (Updated competitive health protocol of the Hellenic Sailing Federation (EIO) - April 2021). There is an obligation to have a renewed Athlete Health Card (e) All participants in the race are responsible for the full understanding and compliance  with all travel restrictions related to travel to, and from the venue. 

(f) [DP] Contestants and support personnel must comply with any reasonable request from  an executive of the event. Failure to comply can be considered misconduct of protocols, or  legislation relating to COVID-19, even if they later prove to be unnecessary, do not  constitute wrongdoing or omission. 

(h) The Organizing Committee may postpone or cancel the event at any time if it deems it  necessary for reasons related to COVID-19. Participants are not entitled to claim any compensation for any expenses they have incurred for attending or preparing to participate  in the event. 

1.12. Amendments to the NoR 

The organizing authority reserves the right to modify this NoR. The amendments will be  published in the Official Announcement Board. 

1.13. SI and start sheets will be published on the Official Announcement Board at 


2.1. The electronic official Notice Board is located in the web site of IOKERC where there will be a link to the application: 

2.2. [DP] While racing, except in emergency situations, a boat should not transmit voice  or data or accept communication of voice or data which is not available to all boats. 


3.1 The Regatta is under the WS Advertising Code and the National Authority requirements.  Therefore, boats bearing individual advertisement during the Regatta must comply to the  above-mentioned Rule and with their National Authority Regulations. 

3.2 The application of the above Advertising Code will take effect from 07:00 of Friday 29th of July 2022, until 24:00 hours of Sunday 7th of August 2022.  

3.3 Boats bearing advertisements must refer to the relative permission from the Hellenic  National Authority. A copy of this permission must be submitted together with the Race Entry form. 

3.4 [DP] In addition, the Organizing Authority may ask the participating boats to install at  no cost to them a video camera or tracking system or software and may use photos or  videos from the race to promote the event or its destinations. 


4.1 The Regatta is open to boats rated under ORC International, ORC Club, ORC Club Non Spinnaker, and ORC Sport Boats, holding a valid 2022 Rating Certificate. In addition is open  to Cruisers of at least 7m LOA.  

The ORC boats will race in the following classes, with independent scoring: a. ORC International 

b. ORC Club.  

c. ORC Non-Spinnaker 

d. ORC Sport Boats. It is possible that boats with an ORC International or ORC Club  certificate will be included in case they are characterized ORC Sport Boats. e. Cruisers. Non Measured boats of LOA over 7m with a NHC handicap. In the case this  class will not be possible to be constituted, the boats are possible to race out of  competition. 

4.2 The Organizing Committee has the right to merge classes, or split in divisions  depending on the participation, according to the rules. To constitute the class, it is  necessary to register and race at least 3 boats. If it is not possible to constitute a class, the  boats will be included in the class as per their certificate. If it is not possible to constitute  the ORC International class, the boats will be included in the ORC Club class. A boat  cannot participate and scored in more than one classes. 


The Entry Fee is 50 euros per boat for all boats. 

The entry fee can be paid with bank transfer or credit card as follows: 


IBAN: GR1801108970000089729600950 


(b) The participation must be confirmed by sending the payment receipts with email to the  Club Secretariat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

(c) The name of the boat must be referred to all bank transactions and correspondence.



6.1. Entries must be submitted to the Club Secretariat, completed in full, not later than Thursday July 28th, 20:00 hours. Cruisers without ORC certificate must submit  their application before Monday July 25th. Entries shall be submitted using the official Entry  Form / Crew List available at the Secretariat or included in the site of the club. Entry Forms shall be accompanied by: 

(a) A copy of the current Rating Certificate 2022. The certificate must be issued before the  day and time of the above time limit. The data of this certificate can not be changed without the  approval of the Protest Committee.  

(b) A copy of the boats valid Insurance Contract. The contract must include third party  damages during races.  

(c) Copy of the advertisement license if the boat carries advertisement (d) The Crew List including the National Authority Athlete Registration number. (e) Receipt of the Entry Fee 

6.2. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept applications after the above  time limit. 

6.3. The participants might be called until the expiration of the above time limit to submit  additional documents imposed by the legislation to take care and reduce the Covid-19  pandemic. 

6.4. [DP] In the registration form, for security reasons, at least one mobile telephone  number must be included. This phone must be on board to allow communication throughout  the race. All data must be submitted electronically to the Race Secretariat. 6.5. No boat application will be accepted if it is not in compliance of these requirements. 6.6. If the certificate is not submitted in time, the boat will not be accepted to race even  if she is included in the entry lists. 





Races - Trophy Awards 




Registrations - Measurements


30- Jul 

Registrations - Measurements




Welcome Reception




1st Race, Corfu (Lefkimi) - Preveza 




Free day 




1st Race Trophy Awards




2nd Race Preveza (Lygia of Lefkada) - Astakos 





Inshore Race in Astakos Bay 





Trophy Awards of 2nd Race and Inshore Race




4th Race Astakos - Mesologhi 




Free day 



5- Aug 


4th Race Trophy Awards





5th Race Mesologhi - Patra 





Event Trophy Awards, Closing ceremony



7.1 The Race Committee can start more than one classes together in any race. 7.2. Trophy awards and the other social events will take place if permitted, according to the  valid at the time Covid-19 protocols. Details will be communicated to the participants in time. 


8.1 There will be a skipper meeting on Saturday 30th July 2022 11:30 hours, at the Club  premises. 

8.2 Any submitted questions until Saturday July 30th 17:00 will be answered in the Club’s web  site 


The routes are shown in the above program schedule. 


10.1.ORC International.  

The “PCS – All Purpose” system will be applied. Alternatively the PCS-Constructive Course  System or a combination of the two will be applied if the Race Committee collects sufficient  data to support the decision. This decision cannot be a base for a request to redress. The  max implied wind will be used for the calculations {RRS 60.1b change) 

10.2. ORC Sport, ORC Non-Spinnaker, ORC Sport Boats  

The “PCS – All Purpose” system will be applied. 

10.3.NCS Cruiser boats: 

The “Time on Time/Coastal long Distance” system will be applied 


11.1. The scoring will be according to RRS Appendix A 

11.2. The series result will be the sum of the results of all races 

11.3. No race will be excluded (Amendment of RRS A2) 

11.4. The event is valid if at least one race is concluded. 

11.5 The scoring of the Divisions will not be extracted from the scoring of the overall of the  relevant class. 

11.6 Rules RRS 90.3 (e) and RRS A.5.4 will applied. 


12.1 Safety inspections, measurement and compliance inspections will be carried out throughout the event before or after any race, on land or at sea.

12.2 Boats must be available for safety material inspections and measurement checks from Friday 29 of June 2022, 10:00 until two hours after the end of the last race. 12.3 [DP] Boats must also comply with RRS 78.1 when presented for inspection.


A change in the composition of the crews is allowed only by sending an electronic application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 2 hours before the start of each race. If the application concerns the addition of a new member or the replacement of another with a new member, then the application should cover the above clause 1.11 (d). Changes can only be made after the written permission of the Race Committee.


14.1 Is not allowed the use of drones by the competitors or their support teams for any reason, without prior written approval of the Organizing Authority.

14.2 The Organizing Authority may impose restrictions on the use of drones, or completely prohibit their use in its sole discretion.

14.3 At all times, the absolute responsibility for anything that occurs during the flight of a flying device (drone) lies with the person handling it.



RRS 3 states: "The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is solely its own." By participating in this event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that sailing is a potentially dangerous activity with inherent risks. These hazards include strong winds and rough seas, sudden changes in weather, material failure, boat handling errors, reduced seamanship from other boats, loss of balance on an unstable platform, and fatigue that can result in an increased risk of injury. Inherent in the sport of sailing is the risk of permanent, catastrophic bodily injury or death from drowning, injury, hypothermia or other cause.


16.1 All participants of the Race agree to comply with the above-mentioned rules, the  Sailing Instructions the Notice of Race and their amendments. All participants accept full  responsibility for the sailing ability of their boat, their rigging, their crew and their safety equipment. 

All participants also agree to undertake in full all responsibility for possible damage to  themselves, their crew and their belongings and to third parties persons and belongings, at  shore or at sea in consequence to their participation in the race, excluding from any liability  the club NOTK, the Racing Committee, the Technical Committee, the Jury, the sponsor and  any member involved with the race under any capacity and agree in full to be held liable for  the conduct and attire of their crew, their representatives and their guests. All participants  accept full responsibility for their decision to race. 

16.2 The Organizing Club, the Organizing Committee, the Jury, the Race Committee, the  Inspectors, the Sponsor, and any other person involved in the organization of the “Cyclades  2022”, cannot be held liable for any physical or material damage, injury or death or any  other unforeseen circumstance to the participants or their boats, before, during or after the  race which is described in this Notice of Race. Attention is drawn to the fundamental rule 3,  “Decision to participate in a race” of Part 1 of the RRS of World Sailing which states that: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers  alone”. 

16.3 The safety and management of the boat, including Third Party Liability insurance,  including racing risks and third-party eventual damages to persons or property during race  participation is the sole responsibility of the Owner/charterer/skipper who must make certain  that the boat is seaworthy and is sailed, by experienced and adequate, in numbers, crew in  good physical condition, able to confront extreme weather conditions. The  Owner/charterer/skipper reassures upon registration the good condition of the hull, the  rigging and all boat’s equipment. He also reassures that all safety equipment is adequately  maintained, and the crew knows where it is kept and how to use it. 

16.4 With the submitted Registration Form according to clause 5 above, the designated  representative of each boat accepts this disclaimer of liability 

16.5 it the responsibility of the person in charge to judge the sufficient training and  experience of the crew as well as the number of crew persons to handle the boat with  security, the existing situation and seaworthiness of the boat in view of the sea situation,  meteo forecasts, and decide where or not will participate in a scheduled race . The above  ensure that the boat security items are properly maintained and the crew knows where  these are stored and how to use them 


All competitors and crew members automatically grant at no cost to the Organizing  Authority and the Sponsor of the Race, the unrestricted right and permission in  perpetuity, to make, use and show, at their own discretion, any motion pictures and  live, taped, or filmed television and other reproduction of him/her (television, press  and internet) during the period of the regatta and after. 

Competitors and crew members’ name, voice, image, likeness, and biographical  material may also be used or reproduced in any way known.



18.1 Trophies will be awarded: 

To the overall winners of every class (depending on the participation), and to the  winners of every division (depending on the participation). 

To the winners of every division for every race depending on the participation. 18.2 The number of winners per class/division depends on the participation as  follows: 

a. Up to 3 raced boats per class: 1st winner 

b. Up to 4 raced boats per class: 1st & 2nd winners 

c. Over 5 raced boats per class : 1st, 2nd & 3d winners 

18.3 Trophy awards will be presented according to the limitations of the COVID 19 Protocols during the period of the race, details will be announced in time 


The address of the secretariat and the Race Office, until the start of the regatta is: 

Corfu Sailing Club,  

Mandraki Marina , Corfu, , 

Tel.: 2661044383 και 6932151082 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The Secretariat will remain open on working days from 10:00 to 17:00.  The Organizing Committee