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Ionian Rally 2019

Additional Info

  • Race Name: Notice of Race 30th International Ionian Sailing Week
  • Start Date: Sunday, 04 August 2019
  • Finish Date: Saturday, 10 August 2019
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Notice of Race 30th International Ionian Sailing Week August 4 – 10 2019


1.1. Corfu Sailing Club, Sailing Club of Patras, Nautical Sailing Club of Preveza, ο ΝΑ.Ο. Kefalonia-Ithaca, ο Α.Ο. Ithaca “Proodos”, ο Α.Ν.Ο. zakynthos και ο Ν.Ο. Lefkas are organizing, from Sunday 4 to Saturday 10 of August 2019, the “30th International Ionian Sailing Week” for boats measured under ORC International and ORC Club. Non measured boats can participate as a separate class, using NHC. The races of the regatta will be held in the Ionian sea, between and around Corfu, Ereikousa, Paxoi, and Preveza.


2.1. WORLD SAILING RRS 2017-2020 will apply.

2.2. The following rules and regulations will also apply:

  • IMS Rule 2019
  • ORC Rating Systems 2019
  • WORLD SAILING ERS 2017-2020
  • WORLD SAILING Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019. The event is classified in Category 4. In addition, competing boats are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of their registry. VHF channels 16 & 72 are mandatory.
  • From sunset to sunrise, the 1972 International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea Board as amended in November 1981 replaces RRS, Part 2 Right of Way Rules.

2.3. The Prescriptions of the Hellenic Sailing Federation and the Prescriptions of the Hellenic Offshore Committee for Offshore races for 2019.

2.4. This Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions and their amendments. In case of contradiction the Sailing Instructions shall prevail.

2.5. Where there is a contradiction between languages, the Greek text of all documents shall prevail.


3.1. World Sailing Regulation 20 Advertising Code will apply. Boats and crew bearing advertisement during the regatta must comply to the above mentioned Rule and their National Authority prescriptions. The above mentioned rule will be in effect from sunrise on Saturday August 3 2019 until sunset on Sunday August 11 2019.

3.2. The Organizing committee may require that, for the time period mentioned in NoR 3,1, all competitor boats display:

  • event and sponsors logo on decals, covering up to 20% of LOA, on both sides of the bow
  • event and sponsor ́s logo on flag hoisted on the back-stay.

3.3. Boats bearing advertisement must submit the relative permission of their National Authority with the entry form.


4.1. The event is open to ORCi and ORC Club boats with GPH less than 825 with valid certificate for 2019. Non measured boats greater than 7m LOA, will compete in a separate class under NHC Handicap.


5.1. Boats wishing to participate must submit the entry form, available from the regatta secretary or the website, by 20:00 on Thursday August 1 2019.

5.2. The entry fee is €50 per boat.

5.3. The OA reserves the right to accept late entries. An additional late entry fee of €50 will apply.

5.4. The following documents must accompany the Entry Form:

  • Copy of a valid Rating Certificate for 2019
  • Copy of boat insurance contract
  • Permission to bear advertisement, if applicable
  • Contact telephone numbers aboard and ashore

5.5. In case of a minor competitor, a letter of parental consent must be submitted to the regatta secretary.

5.6. The OA reserves the right to refuse participation of a boat in the event according to RRS 76.

5.7. Boat that fail to comply with the above mentioned requirements will not be eligible to participate.


6.1. The event schedule is as follows: Tuesday August 1 Saturday August 3 20:00 Submission of entries deadline 12:00 – 20:00 Boat inspection, Measurement Registration Sunday August 4 Monday August 5 11:00 21:00 Skipper Meeting Welcome Party Tuesday August 6 Wednesday August 7 Thursday August 8 Friday August 9 Saturday August 12 15:00 Race 1 Corfu – Ereikousa (17 ΝΜ) 11:00 Race 2 Inshore race at Diapontia islands (8-12 ΝΜ) 21:00 Reception 11:00 Race 3 Ereikousa-Paxoi (47 NM) Free day (maybe will be used for race) 21:00 Reception 11:00 Race 4 Paxoi-Preveza (28 NM) 11:00 Race 5 Inshore (8-12 ΝΜ) 21:00 Reception – Prize Ceremony 30th IISW


7.1. Boats will be available for inspection by the Technical Committee before and after every race.


8.1. The Sailing Instructions will be available to the competitors prior to the skipper's meeting.


9.1. The following scoring options will be used: ORCi and ORC Club Performance Curve Scoring, Constructed or Performanc Curve Scoring, Coastal / Long Distance or combination of both NHC :Time on Time

9.2. The Low Point Scoring System will apply, according to WORLD SAILING RRS Appendix A4. The event score of a boat will be the sum of all her race scores. The scoring coefficient for all the races is 1. The Sailing Instructions will determine tie resolution.

9.3.The event is considered valid if one race is completed.


10.1. The person in charge of each boat must submit the crew list in the form provided, at the regatta secretary along with the entry form.

10.2. For safety and accountability reasons concerning the person in charge and the Race Committee, submission of erroneous or incomplete crew list may disqualify the boat in the race concerned.

10.3. Changes to crew list is allowed only after a written request to and approval by the Race Committee, submitted on the form supplied by the regatta secretary, at the latest 1 hour before the start of the race concerned.


11.1. All competitors in the “30th International Ionian Sailing Week” participate in the event under their own responsibility. The organizing clubs, as well as all the Committees of the regatta, bear no responsibility for whatever might happen to competitors or their boats before, during or after the event, on land or at sea.

11.2. We draw your attention to fundamental rule WORLD SAILING RRS 4, “Decision to participate in a race”. It is the sole responsibility of the person in charge of every boat to decide whether to participate in a race or continue racing.


12.1. All the participating boats must hold a current and valid third party liability (persons and property) insurance policy, as required by the law. The contract must cover, explicitly, third party liability during the participation of the boat in races / regattas.


13.1. All competitors in the event, by participating, automatically and at no cost, grant to the Organizing Authority of the event the unrestricted right and permission to record their image and likeness in photographic and audiovisual media during the event and to reproduce and broadcast in any media including but not limited to TV advertisement spot, for use in press releases and other.


14.1. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall ORCi, ORC Club and the NHC boats, according to the number of participants. Prizes will also be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of each division according to the number of participants. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall ORCi, ORC Club and the NHC boats, according to the number of participants and to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of each division in each individual race. The following perpetual trophies will be awarded:

14.1.1. The Overall winner ORC International.

14.1.2 . The Overall winner ORC Club


15.1. Mooring will be gratis in all the ports visited by the regatta.

15.2. Mooring at Mandraki harbor will be gratis from Friday August 3 2019.


16.1. Will be announced.


17.1. The contact details of the Regatta Secretary and the Organizing Committee are: Corfu Sailing Club Mandraki, Old Fortress PO.Box 75, 49100 Corfu Tel: +30 26610 44383, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

17.2. Office hours: Monday Wednesday and Friday 17:30 to 21:00, Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 to 13:30.

17.3. During the event, the Regatta Secretary will be aboard the Race Committee boat or in locations at the stop-over ports that will be announced in the Sailing Instructions.



June 25, 2019