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Mandraki Harbour - Corfu Sailing Yachts Docking

Port of The Sailing Club

Port of The Sailing Club

Our club is located inside the Old Fortress of Corfu, in the renovated building of 1700 AC next to the medieval Venetian harbour of Mandraki.
In our beautiful harbour we welcome the vessels of our members and visitors from all over the world every year.
Our port has all the modern facilities such as power and water supply, a harbor master for reservations and assistance upon arrival and departure as well as secretariat for information.
Due to limited space for visitors in our port, it is mandatory to consult with the Club prior to your arrival, at least three days earlier.
The communication channel VHF is 68, Light of sight only and only in summer months. Reservations can also be made via e mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
In our port vessels of up to 2.30m depth can safely moor.

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This regulation aims to regulate the use of the port of Mandraki, in order to make its use safer to all vessels owned by the Club its members and visitors in order to avoid damage and misunderstandings.


A. All vessels have the right of mooring at Mandraki, only upon application and approval by the Administration of Corfu Sailing Club (IOK) - Panhellenic Club of Offshore Sailing (POIATH), Corfu Club, which determines the position and duration of mooring, as well as the terms and conditions under which mooring is allowed, provided that there are always 25 (twenty five) free spaces for the exclusive use of the Club. Visitors must contact the secretary of club or the harbor master at telephones: +30 26610 44383 +30 6945377674.

In priority order of, the categories entitled to mooring are:
1. Vessels owned by the Club or in the exclusive use of the Club.
2. Two vessels of the Sea Scouts Division of Corfu.
3. A vessel of the Greek Navy.
4. Sport sailing vessels of Club members.
5. Other sailing vessels of Club members.
6. Motorboats of Club members.
7. Hosted sailing vessels of other Clubs.
8. Boats and tenders of Club members.
9. Hosted visitors' vessels.

B. The Club reserves the right to demand the removal of vessels of any category from the port based on free judgement for inappropriate and unsportsmanlike behaviour of the owner or crew, or for pollution of the harbour, or for unseamanlike behaviour and creating risks or difficulties to other boats, either for financial liabilities or finally, if the port should required for other uses, such as hosting vessels participating in competitions etc.

C. The costs of improvement and maintenance of the port are covered by the fee paid by the owners of moored vessels in accordance with the current financial annex to the internal regulation and they should be paid at regular intervals.


A. Anchoring is prohibited. All versels should use the mooring line provited.

B. During the summer season, from April to October, the vessels may not be bound by the stern with more than three ropes, i.e. spring line are prohibited, except for temporary use in bad weather.

C. Any use of floating ropes is prohibited.

D. Any works being undertaken to boat whilist at a mooring will be under the supervision and according to the instructions of the people in charge of the port.

E. The positions of the vessels will be designated by the harbor master of the port according to the length, displacement and other characteristics of the vessel.

F. The use of mooring by another boat is prohibited, without the permission of the Club Management, even if there is a consent of the permanent user of the mooring.

A. The owner of the vessel is obliged to attach the following documents:

1. Registration Certificate.
2. The vessel insurance.
3. Identity card or passport.

In case a boat owner wishes to leave his boat at the port is obliged to attach also the following documents together with the application of mooring of his vessel, in order to be discussed by the Administration Board.

1. Emergency phone numbers, which will be posted on the bulletin board of the Club.
2. Certificate of residence in Corfu.

If he is not a permanent resident of Corfu, he/she should appoint a representative, who will be responsible and financially liable for the boat by an authorization document that will bear their genuine signature. Payment will be made monthly or prepaid.

B. The owners - skippers of vessels moored at Mandraki have the right to make reasonable use of water and electricity. Works on vessels can be made in hours and in a manner that does not disturb the neighbouring boats and generally the life of the Club.
C. Waste and useless objects (chains - ropes etc.) are to be disposed exclusively in the waste bins that are situated up throught the tunnel. Disposing of litter in the waters of the port is prohibited, and the same goes for the sea areas surrounding the port. Lubricants and batteries should be removed immediately from Mandraki, they are not to be disposed in the bins, but they are to be transferred to special collection spaces available in Corfu.
D. If someone should pollute the harbor tha club's management reserves the right to clean tha pollution by appropriate means. The cost of cleaning will be charged to the owner of the vessel responsible.
E. It is obligatory that during the vessel's stay in port, all users use the sanitary facilities of the Club, respect the sea and use biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents in their vessels.
F. The owners and captains of vessels are civilly and legally responsible for any damage they may cause to third parties or to other vessels or to the harbour. The Club does not assume any responsibility for the safety of the vessels as far as theft or any other damage is concerned. Nor does the club assume responsibility for any injury to captains or crew.
G. Inflatable vessels (dinghies) are to be hoisted on owned vessels. They may not be located elsewhere on the exterior or interior space of the Club.
H. Boat accessories (sails, passarella, anchors), are to be stored in the storage facilities of the Club. These are granted at the request of the interested members and after approval by the Administration Board, if there are any free.
I. The members of the Corfu Sailing Club that moor their vessels in Mandraki have an obligation to help the current Administration Board organize various events of the Club, since it is a sports Club and not a marina.